The Spring Forward Symposium

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 FORWARD 2020, was an interactive two-day virtual event leading up to the Spring AACVPR affiliate meetings. A variety of topics relevant to the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation community were presented by thought leaders from across disciplines.
The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation landscape is shifting. Understanding how programs are adapting and preparing for what comes next will help to ensure the success of patient health and program viability. 
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Exercise Sessions in a Hybrid World

Presented by: Barbra Fagan & Jared Sieling
With the rapid adoption of virtual care and remote delivery, many programs have questions about how to structure the sessions, what exercises patients should and can do remotely, and how to optimize patient engagement with these new tools. In this webinar, we'll discuss these questions and share ideas for successful virtual care delivery.

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The Development and Implementation of Practical Staff Competencies

Presented by: Dr. Teresa Eber Lee
Competencies are much more than evaluating the employee’s ability to perform a skill or task, they are an assessment to validate optimal performance outcomes over time in a variety of situations. Competencies should be a combination of the employee’s knowledge, skill, behavior, and judgment. AACVPR program certification states staff competencies should be assessed annually specific to the Care Competencies for CR and PR professionals. The development and implementation of practical staff competencies in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation employees can be challenging without specific assessment development training. Well-designed competencies align with departmental goals and desired outcomes while building employee’s confidence. This session will identify criteria that are useful when developing competency topics and review acceptable methods of assessment and evaluation. During the discussion, attendees will be asked to share their experiences and design practical competencies, including learning objectives and recourses.

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Cannabis and the Heart: Considerations for the Rehab Setting

Presented by: Dr Paul Oh
Learning Objectives
•  Describe the pharmacology of cannabis and the different effects of THC and CBD
•  Evaluate the medical evidence for or against potential uses of cannabis by cardiac clients 
•  Be aware of the adverse effects of cannabis (THC) on the cardiovascular system 
•  Update on the particular risk of vaping and lung injury

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Using Your Communication Style To Create Better Personal And Professional Interactions

Presented by: Heidi Dubois, RDH, EFDA
Good communication skills are the foundation of every relationship. This presentation will help you to identify your communication style as well as the style of your patients and colleagues. Recognizing the preferred communication style in yourself and others allows you to adapt when necessary, allowing your interactions to be more productive and allowing your relationships to grow. The ultimate goal for this presentation is to help you gain a greater ROR, return on relationships.

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Pulmonary Rehab with Harmonicas

Presented by: Larry Vesely
Approximately 15 years ago, a patient of mine, Mary Jane Gormley, at IU Health Bloomington Hospital’s Pulmonary Rehab class discovered I played harmonica.  After informing me of the benefits that harmonica playing would provide for the Pulmonary Rehab audience, she shared an article that discussed the benefits of harmonica playing for those suffering from chronic respiratory disease and asked if I would be interested in starting a harmonica class in rehab.  Since then, our goal has been to introduce an alternative therapy, a simple, inexpensive, effective, and yet enjoyable method to those patients interested in improving their respiratory condition and quality of life outside of traditional means.  My goal for you as participants in this lecture is to inform you of the benefits of this alternative therapy and have you consider incorporating this idea into your Cardiopulmonary program in the future.

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If you are interested in participating in more Pulmonary Rehab with Harmonica courses with Larry, download the flyer below for contact information.

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ScottCare Speakers



    • Barbra Fagan

      Executive Director at Chanl Health

    • Jared Sieling

      Founder and CEO of Chanl Health

    • Dr. Teresa Eber Lee, RCEP, CCRP, CEP, WellCoach

      Director of the Undergraduate Clinical Exercise Science Program at Winona State University in Winona, MN

    • Dr. Paul Oh

      Medical Director and GoodLife Fitness Chair, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at the University Health Network - Toronto Rehab and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, and Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

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