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Learning how to get the most out of your system doesn't end after installation. ScottCare offers ongoing training opportunities through on-site training, customized webinars and ScottCare University webinars.
Every software purchase is accompanied by a period of on-site onboarding to get all users familiar with the system. This training provides a comprehensive look at the system interface and workflow. Any site-specific topics are also covered and worked through with the team.
Beyond onboarding, ScottCare offers several other training tools. If it has been some time since initial onboarding or a new team is in place that is unfamiliar with the system, ScottCare can provide additional on-site training. If you require training on just a few topics, we can provide free, customized interactive webinars.
Additionally, we have ScottCare University, which delivers regularly scheduled webinars that focus on aspects of VersaCare or cardiopulmonary rehab monitoring topics.
To learn more or to schedule a training, simply fill out the form and one of our support and training team will contact you.
If you are a ScottCare customer, you can access our library of recorded webinars on a variety of topics. Our library is continuously updated, so check back often!
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