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Below are the three sessions presented at the 2021 Forward Symposium. The event discussed topics that are uniquely relevant to today's cardiopulmonary rehabilitation community.





Managing Burnout: One more thing for your To-Do list! A conversation on getting back to you

Presented by: Dr. Amy Knight
In these unprecedented times, we are collectively facing a state of exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. Burnout is not simply long hours, but rather a state of cynicism and lethargy that creeps in when we are overwhelmed by the loss of control in our lives. This session will review the signs of impending burnout, implications if left unaddressed, and opportunities to regain aspects of control that renew a sense of mission and purpose.


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CR and ICR: Survey Insights on Strategic & Operational Practices

Presented by: Ginger Biesbrock PA-C, MPAS, MPH, FACC & Cindy Berner MS, RDN, LD, CHWC
MedAxiom & Pritikin ICR recently conducted a survey focusing on cardiac rehab (CR) and intensive cardiac rehab (ICR). With over 100 programs completing the survey, the findings are insightful and valuable. Join MedAxiom and Pritikin ICR’s cardiac rehab experts for a webinar that will delve into the survey findings, including practices related to referral management, staffing, patient throughput, and other important CR/ICR strategic and operational practices.


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Time to Get out of the Basement:  How to Grow your Rehab Program

Presented by: Barbra Fagan
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs are often relegated to the basement at a hospital (both figurately and literally), putting them at a disadvantage to reach their full potential of prevention.  To grow the impact of your program means growing patient volume, staff, and innovation.  However, the perceived barriers to doing this are often things like lack of buy-in from above, limited staff and budget, lack of physical space, or… it’s too much work.   
Well, this doesn’t have to be the case. This presentation will focus on one of life’s greatest lessons you’ll ever learn, how to ask for what you want and how to use your growth mindset to grow your program! Move from a surviving cardiopulmonary rehab program to one that thrives.


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