Symposium Recordings

Below are the four sessions presented at the 2022 Forward Symposium. Each presentation focused on information and resources to help you deliver the best patient care possible.





The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Roundtable

Speakers: Amy Knight Ph.D, ABPPKate Traynor, RN, MS, FAACVPRVicky Yandle MSN, RN, CCRP

While there are topics and issues that resonate with the cardiopulmonary rehab community as a whole, the group is vast and each program experiences different challenges. This roundtable is an opportunity to hear from leaders throughout the country, offering perspectives on what challenges are being faced in their area and how they are being resolved.







Blue Zones Through a Cardiovascular Lens

Speaker: Kerri Stewart. RD, LD

Join Registered Dietitian Kerri Stewart of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System for a culinary journey to 2 of the world’s 5 “Blue Zones.” These communities have the highest number of 100+ year-olds living full, functional lives. What do they have in common, and how can we create a similar environment?






The Benefits of Volunteers and Student Interns to your Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program 

Speakers: Michael J. Dunlap, EP/PD, FAACVPR; Kelly O. Forrest, RN II; Alan Snow, MBA; Joyce Snow

Volunteers and students can provide a valuable asset to your program in a variety of ways. These committed individuals can assist staff and patients by providing high quality, cost-efficient care and support to your patients, staff and program. 






Program Fundamentals: Psychosocial Assessment and Management of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient 

Speakers: Dana Wills, MS, EP, CCRP

Psychosocial management is identified as a core component of outpatient Phase-II cardiac rehabilitation by the AACVPR, and is show to contribute to the effectiveness of the comprehensive cardiac rehab program. However,  implementation of psychosocial assessments and interventions are not always consistent. We will discuss why is it important to identify psychosocial dysfunction in CR patients, how it should be assessed, and what should be done when a problem is identified. Topics will include psychosocial assessment, providing interventions, measuring outcomes, and care coordination.



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