Precise and efficient data communication with your EHR.

When it comes to patient information, accuracy and consistency are critical. Technology that allows the communication between your EHR and monitoring software delivers efficiency and ensures precise information.
EHRPipe is ScottCare's proprietary HL7 interface that provides seamless, bi-directional communication with all EHR vendors. This enables the quick and easy transfer of patient information between your ScottCare software and EHR for patient data accuracy and a direct upload of patient reports and billing notifications.
With over 700 interfaces to leading EHRs, we provide proven HL7 expertise that supports your practice in accountable healthcare, including EPIC EHR integration and Cerner EHR integration. ScottCare’s dedicated and experienced HL7 interface team follows a regimented planning, design and EHR implementation process to ensure success across a multitude of electronic medical records and hospital information systems.
Whether you’re purchasing a VersaCare or a CardioView Dx product, you can trust ScottCare to make the crucial system connections for health IT implementation to communicate effectively and consistently.
We have successfully built interfaces with EPIC, McKesson, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, Siemens HealthCare, eClinical Works, Centricity, CPSI, Epiphany and more.



Versatile Configuration Options

EHRPipe is available in a standalone setup, or as part of a larger health system network. In any case, it is an efficient conduit to transfer patient data to your EHR. Products that can utilize EHRPipe are:
CardioView Dx
OneView CRM

As a Part of CardioView Dx

Integrating EHRPipe with the CardioView Dx Diagnostic Suite completes a fully integrated platform that transfers MCT, Event, Holter, and extended Holter data through the CardioFile database and into your EHR. 





EIS For Rehab 

Whether you are a standalone cardiopulmonary rehabilitation facility or multi-site integrated health system, The EHRPipe EIS (Enterprise Integrated Solution) provides you with an effective solution, reducing time and cost by providing a single connection to your EHR. Networked workstations, even at different locations, can share the same patient database to monitor, manage or report right from any site. Only ScottCare can provide your team with the right health information technology implementation to meet all of your rehab and IT requirements.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can EHRPipe interface with my EHR?

Yes! ScottCare can interface with any system that can send and receive standard HL7 messages. ScottCare currently interfaces with most major systems for both our diagnostic and rehab solutions, including:
Siemens HealthCare
eClinical Works
...and more

What communication protocol do you use?

We use Socket, Minimum Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) and/or file-based transfer.

What types of interfaces can be implemented with your systems?

Using standard HL7 messages, we accept:
Patient Demographics (ADT)
Orders (ORM) 
Scheduling (SIU)
Return Results (ORU or MDM)

How long does it take to build an EHR interface?

It really depends on the time and resources your team has to dedicate to the interface. On average, the process can take approximately 6 weeks, which involves installation, configuration and testing of the interface.

What types of customers have you created interfaces for?

ScottCare customers include hospitals, universities, research institutions and group practices. The interfaces range from standard inbound and outbound interfaces to more complex multi-facility, multi-endpoint interfaces. ScottCare’s interface team provides a structured implementation solution that considers customer workflows in order to deliver accurate, timely and automated mechanisms for a seamless interface.

How does ScottCare ensure that our interface and implementation will be successful?

How does ScottCare ensure that our interface and implementation will be successful? Since interfacing requires interaction between clinicians, system administrators, interface engineers, security engineers, administrative personnel, network administrators and EHR vendors, a complete understanding of the requirements by each of the functional entities is crucial for a successful implementation of the interface project. A successful interface starts with understanding and capturing the client's requirements accurately and translating them into a project plan. For that reason, customers are assigned an HL7 engineer at the outset of every implementation and provided a detailed EHR Project Book that spells out our unique 12-step interface implementation process. Implementation is monitored and managed closely with constant interaction between the ScottCare implementation engineer and the customer interface team. This process ensures accurate installation, configuration and data flow to your EHR/HIS. Once implemented and “go live” is complete, success is achieved with the validation of the smooth operation of the interface.

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