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Below are the three sessions presented at the 2022 Spring Forward Symposium. Each  presentation focused on an aspect of heath and well-being, and together provide a wholistic view that can be used to help educate ourselves and the patients we serve.





The Change Challenge: Stories and Strategies from Behavioral Health

Speakers: Amy Knight Ph.D, ABPP; Megan Hays Ph.D., ABPP, FAACVPR

Many of the patients that visit us would benefit from some change in lifestyle. In this presentation, you will gain a better understanding of adherence challenges in healthy lifestyle behaviors. To support the change journey for our patients, we will provide some behavioral strategies to help them reach their goals. Throughout the presentation, we will explore specific techniques and examples of patient change and adherence struggles.


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Exercise is Medicine: Becoming a Leader for Change

Speaker: Matt Thomas, MS, MBA, ACSM-CEP

In this presentation, we will define exercise and its place in medicine as related to chronic health conditions. The dose-response relationship will be outlined between exercise and health outcomes. Strategies and tools will be presented for allied health providers to prescribe exercise interventions effectively. 


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Food as Medicine 

Speakers: Deanne Marselle, MA, RD, LD; Cindy Berner MS, RDN, LD, CHWC

During this presentation, you will learn about the roots of “Food as Medicine” and discover how this concept continues to gain traction today.  We will provide actionable strategies for helping your cardiac rehab patients identify their personal nutrition priorities, so that they can take their health into their hands and harness the power of food as medicine.


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