Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Better for your patients. 

Better for your business.


Ambucor is the proven INSOURCED labor and technology service for 24/7 Ambulatory ECG and CIED Remote Monitoring that optimizes compliance while maximizing value. We combine our 24-hour ECG monitoring software technology with the human element. For the patient, this means a better experience through personal assistance. For the physician, this means increased compliance, greater report confidence, and fewer unnecessary notifications. Throughout the process, you retain complete ownership of services and billing.



Ambucor is a team of cardiac device specialists that support your staff 24/7/365, operating as employees directly under the general supervision of your physicians or hospital staff within the protocols and policies you establish. Ambucor's team is comprised of certified technicians and accredited healthcare professionals, including PAs, RNs, NPs, CCDS, and CRATs.

All devices, one platform

As your remote patient monitoring services partner, the Ambucor team will help you provide more comprehensive patient care with improved outcomes and increased efficiencies, all as you regain control over the patient experience. Ambucor's vendor neutral continuous telemetry monitoring platform is compatible with all major manufacturers, eliminating the need to visit multiple portals for device data, reducing the complexity for your staff. Access your patient data and reports from anywhere at any time.




Better for your patients

Our remote ECG monitoring professionals increase patient compliance through 24/7 support and oversight. With as little as 2-days for turnaround time, rest assured that your patient’s report will be in your hands when it is needed. Patient reports are electronically transferred to your EHR, furthering improving efficiencies and eliminating errors.

Better for your business

Ambucor's model for remote cardiac monitoring provides you ownership of your services, so you retain your data, control and technical revenues for more comprehensive care. A dedicated, INSOURCED specialist works as part of your team, reducing overhead and complexity.




  • Monthly remote patient monitoring, scheduling and compliance
  • No up-front investment
  • Single sign-on access using a web browser
  • Reports accessible on desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • Management of patient schedules and communications
  • Monthly or quarterly compliance documentation
  • Management of patient transmission and billing cycles
  • Communication of past, current and future billing dates to improve patient transmission scheduling and remote interrogation billing


All Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED)

  • Pacemakers
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
  • Implantable Loop Recorders
  • Implantable Cardiovascular Monitors (Heart Failure Monitoring)
  • TTM (acoustic) pacemaker

Ambulatory ECG

  • Holter
  • Arrhythmia Event
  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT)


"Ambucor provides an invaluable service to our practice in regard to remote device management. The team communicates well with our patients and office staff; they are well organized; and I am always impressed with the detail and accuracy of the device function summaries and electrogram interpretations of the Ambucor group."

Genevieve L. Everett-Sigwalt, MD, FACC, FHRS
Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology

Our Ambucor team is competent and consistent, I don’t have to worry that someone isn’t qualified to handle remote monitoring the way HealthTexas expects. As we’ve seen more and more of their interpretations, we’ve been assured that their level of proficiency is very high — and that’s comforting to our physicians.

Kevin Coit
Manager, Clinical Informatics at HealthTexas Provider Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your technicians and reporters have certifiable credentials? (CRAT, CCT, RCES, RN, etc.)

The Ambucor team includes nationally accredited healthcare professionals (PA, RN, NP, CCDS, RCES, CRAT)

Does Ambucor provide 24/7 communication with our clinic and patients?

Yes, 24/7/365 Ambucor provides scheduling, monitoring and patient compliance by trained cardiac technicians and administrative staff.

Can your staff successfully maintain our patient load?

We can successfully meet the demands of clinics of virtually any size. Ambucor's business model is designed to help clients address staffing gaps and fluctuating labor needs, and specific technician(s) are assigned to a provider to ensure a strong relationship and communication.

How can Ambucor services improve our clinical workflow and increase efficiency with patient compliance, monitoring, and billing?

Ambucor’s tiered labor model divides monitoring tasks into administrative and technical. Ambucor only bills for a patient when your clinic is also able to bill, providing management of labor costs in times of fluctuating monitoring volumes. This results in lower labor costs and the benefit of economies of scale by leveraging monitoring volumes from multiple providers.

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