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The leading cardiac rehab telemetry solution, purpose-built to simplify your patient workflow and management. VersaCare delivers more features to simplify your day, leaving you more time to spend where it matters most, with your patients.



Learn how VersaCare cardiac rehab monitoring systems can help you monitor and manage your patients. Simply contact us through the form below and add "Demo-On-Demand" in the notes to schedule your personal session.




Whether it is patient outcomes criteria, the interface or ITP reports, VersaCare can be what you need it to be. This cardiac rehab telemetry monitoring system adapts to your workflow with a variety of helpful tools and features. Virtually unlimited custom data items, input screens, and drop-down menus are at your disposal to help you create your ideal workflow. VersaCare comes with a large variety of pre-built cardiac and pulmonary reports, but also provides the ability to build and customize reports to easily track your goals and results.

One and Done Data Entry

Data flows across all forms with this patient monitoring system, including the AACVPR Registry and ITPs. This means that when common data fields are filled out in one form, they automatically populate across all others.

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More Information For Review

VersaCare delivers even more information for review. You can capture both the minimum heart rate and minimum blood pressure. When selected, both measurements are displayed in the session modality table of the report. This cardiac rehab telemetry solution can also capture the resting strip and recovery strip automatically at the minimum heart rate.


The VersaCare telemetry data platform is the outcomes leader, delivering integrated and automatic outcomes data that easily gauges both patient and program progress. Single-Patient and Group Outcomes are included, as well as a variety of surveys.





AACVPR Registries

ScottCare has been a supporter of AACVPR's Outpatient Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation registries since inception. The VersaCare team has partnered closely with AACVPR to create the API that allows an easy exchange of your clinic’s data to the registries. 

HL7 Integration

Simplify the integration of VersaCare cardiac rehabilitation telemetry systems with your EHR. EHRPipe, is ScottCare's proprietary HL7 interface that delivers seamless, bi-directional communication with all EHR vendors. This enables the quick and easy download of patient information into VersaCare for patient data accuracy and a direct upload of patient reports and billing notifications.





  • Robust, scalable monitoring for any size rehab
  • Ability to capture more info through minimum HR and BP capture
  • One & Done Data Entry
  • Direct choice of next modality without list cycling
  • Reports may be viewed at any time without obscuring you wave forms
  • Wireless access through VersaCare GO on iPad® and now Surface Pro®
  • Mobile ITP editing for efficiency
  • Easily manage ITP status with Unapproved ITP List and ITP Queue for physicians
  • Access form templates with a single click on the home screen
  • Full disclosure file available for viewing during monitoring with live 6-second updating
  • Easily review, add or delete ECG strips for the daily report while monitoring
  • Durable, rechargeable, digital INNOVO transmitter
  • Bi-directional HL7 interface to hospital EHR with EHRPipe
  • Reports can be edited at any time, even during the session
  • Seamlessly integrated outcomes and surveys
  • Cardiac and pulmonary individualized treatment plans
  • AACVPR Registry integration
  • Multiple workstation configuration options
  • Built-in HIPAA Compliance
  • FREE phone technical support
  • Form customization
  • Full disclosure saves EVERY beat for EVERY patient throughout the patient’s rehab program
  • Installation and Training by specialists with experience working and running cardiopulmonary rehab programs 


Break free from the monitoring station. 

Enjoy the freedom and mobility to monitor your patients from anywhere with VersaCare GO for iPad or VersaCare GO Surf/Surf+ for the Surface Pro. Enjoy the same functionality as the productivity screen on the VersaCare workstation, allowing input of multiple standard and user-defined fields (BP, RPE, Workload, SpO2, ECG Waveform, Alarms, Session Comments and more). Enjoy the convenience of editing ITPs right from your tablet. A variety of other data fields can be customized to meet your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I monitor a session under an incorrect profile?

Simply monitor the full session under the incorrect profile, then call ScottCare technical support for assistance to transfer to the correct profile.

What happens if I accidentally discharge a patient, or an I delete a session for a patient that I've mistakenly put on a channel?

Sessions can be easily deleted under the patient's info tab, under “Edit Session History”.

Does ScottCare provide an eco-friendly monitoring solution?

We try to develop our products as responsibly as possible. Our Innovo monitor features a removable battery that lasts for 120 hours when fully charged. This eliminates waste created by repeatedly replacing and throwing away traditional batteries. 

What should I use to clean the wires and transmitters?

  • Mild soap and water
  • PDI Sani Cloth AF3, gray or green top. Gray top provides a 3 minute kill time, the green top provides a 10 minute kill time
  • No products with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or bleach

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