Small Holter Monitor

Lightweight Holter monitoring for 24 hours to 14 days. The Novi+ from ScottCare is the solution to monitor your patients, both big and small.




Novi+ a flexible, wearable small Holter monitor solution, providing short term or extended continuous monitoring for up to 14 days. These 2-week heart monitor patches are available for adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes to help you care for patients of any size.


This small patch Holter monitor is discreet and lightweight enough to be worn under clothing. The small size and flexible patch allow the patient to move about freely without the inconvenience of wires. The durable construction of our 14-day Holter monitor features an impressive water resistant (IP68) rating, allowing the patient to shower worry-free. The Novi+ water resistant Holter monitor allows your patient live their lives as normally as possible.
  • 1.75” x 2” x 0.5”
    44.45mm x 50.8mm x 12.7mm
  • Weighs less than an ounce
  • Water resistant (IP68)






Novi+ delivers an easy-to-use experience, for both the staff and the patient. Hookup is, literally, a snap with the Novi+ Holter monitor. This wearable patch Holter monitor is easily charged with a built-in battery that is full in just over an hour, offering up to 14 days of monitoring on one charge. A built-in accelerometer allows the patient to record any perceived event with a simple double-tap of the device.


For advanced analysis, combine the Novi+ ambulatory Holter monitor with HolterCare. Continuous, comprehensive ECG data is captured through up to 3 channels for analysis. Further streamline your workflow and reduce the possibility of error by integrating your data with our HL7 EHR interface.




Comprehensive data gathering and analysis for novi+.


Maintain complete control over your data. 

  • Vital information is available in one click with beat-by-beat confirmation and editing. 
  • Comprehensive arrhythmia editing
Robust data with a meaningful presentation
  • User interface design to allow quick location of areas of interest
  • Automatic atrial fibrillation identification and burden calculation utilizing our industry-recognized algorithm

Better for your patient. Better for your practice.

•  Improved patient compliance
•  Patient reports and data accessible at any time
•  A cost-effective way to optimize device clinic operations
•  Electronic transfer of patient reports to EHR
•  24/7 monitoring to reduce missed alerts
•  Triage alert & report filtering to reduce unnecessary notifications
•  Scalable as your business grows
Further optimize your remote monitoring with Ambucor Monitoring Services. Ambucor is the proven INsourced labor and technology service for 24/7 Ambulatory ECG and CIED Remote Monitoring that optimizes compliance while maximizing value. We combine our monitoring technology with the human element. For the patient, this means a better experience. For the physician, this means increased compliance, greater report confidence and fewer unnecessary notifications. Throughout the process, you retain complete ownership of services and billing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can novi+ be worn in the shower?

Yes! novi+ has been rated IP 68, which means the device is water resistant.

What should I do if the patch is starting to separate from my skin?

You can easily replace it yourself.  Remove the old patch, then prep the area by shaving (if necessary) and cleaning.  Unsnap novi+ from the old patch, snap it onto the new one. Reapply the patch and novi+ in the same chest location on the upper pectoral muscle.

How do I mark an event?

Simply double-tap the device and an event will be marked in the data.

How is HolterCare installed on my workstation? Will I have the ability to send a HolterCare report to a physician in CardioFile?

HolterCare is available as a standalone or networked analysis system. As a networked analysis system, it can point to your CardioFile database and send HolterCare reports to your EHR. 

Am I able to download all of my ScottCare Holter monitors in HolterCare?

Yes, you are able to download any novi+, Chroma2 or TeleSense Holter study into HolterCare.

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