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ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Chanl Health, a Minnesota based company.  ScottCare is now the exclusive distributor of Chanl Health’s Virtual Cardiopulmonary Rehab Solution for hospitals in the US. A virtual or hybrid rehab program allows patients to participate in rehab through a mix of onsite sessions and at-home virtual sessions, based on the individual patient needs. Adding a virtual solution to an existing onsite rehab program can greatly improve accessibility, satisfaction and engagement for patients. ScottCare, with Chanl Health as a partner, can now provide Cardiac Rehab professionals and patients the best of both worlds. 
Chanl Health is the leading provider of virtual cardiopulmonary rehab solutions in the U.S.   Jared Sieling, founder and CEO of Chanl Health, says; ”We are thrilled to enter into such a complimentary partnership with ScottCare. We share the same drive to empower clinicians in improving access and care. This pairing of our skill sets and offerings will help programs serve more patients in the most effective way.”
ScottCare is the leading provider of Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Monitoring Systems.  Deepak Malhotra, General Manager of ScottCare, says; “We are excited to begin this partnership with Chanl Health. We can now be of further value to the cardiopulmonary rehab community by utilizing our reach as a market leader to expand the use of this type of program. This is a collaboration that should mark a substantial evolution in the area of rehabilitative care.”
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Information on Hybrid Rehab Programs


For the latest resources on Hybrid Cardiopulmonary Rehab, including news on reimbursement, webinars and case studies, visit the Chanl Health Resource page






Exercise Sessions in a Hybrid World

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With the rapid adoption of virtual care and remote delivery, many programs have questions about how to structure the sessions, what exercises patients should and can do remotely, and how to optimize patient engagement with these new tools. In this webinar, we'll discuss these questions and share ideas for successful virtual care delivery.


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