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Accurate and comprehensive blood pressure measurement.

ScottCare’s ABP Monitor Kit is a meaningful and accurate way to measure hypertension beyond the doctor’s office. The Mobil-O-Graph ABP Monitor  records up to 300 readings over a 24-hour period while the patient engages in normal daily activities.


Gentle & Fast

The Mobil-O-Graph ABP ambulatory blood pressure monitor quickly measures blood pressure utilizing a gentle, adjustable cuff for optimal patient comfort. The Night Mode setting supports restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Auto-Feedback Logic Technology

The Mobil-O-Graph ABP ambulatory blood pressure monitor prevents over-inflation at each measurement through ScottCare’s unique Auto-Feedback Logic Technology.




The ABP Monitoring Kit includes the ABPCare™ software that allows you to easily correlate and compare data:
  • Day and evening blood pressure
  • Periods of normal, acceptable and critical readings
  • Average blood pressure versus heart rate
  • Detailed trends and graphs
ABPCare supports 9 protocols, two of which can be user modified. 

Better for your patient. Better for your practice.

  • Improved patient compliance

  • Patient reports and data accessible at any time

  • A cost-effective way to optimize device clinic operations

  • Electronic transfer of patient reports to EHR

  • 24/7 monitoring to reduce missed alerts

  • Triage alert & report filtering to reduce unnecessary notifications

  • Scalable as your business grows

Further optimize your remote monitoring with Ambucor Monitoring Services. Ambucor is the proven INSOURCED labor and technology service for 24/7 Ambulatory ECG and CIED Remote Monitoring that optimizes compliance while maximizing value. We combine our monitoring technology with the human element. For the patient, this means a better experience. For the physician, this means increased compliance, greater report confidence and fewer unnecessary notifications. Throughout the process, you retain complete ownership of services and billing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuffs are included with the ABP320 system

ScottCare offers a variety of different sizes and types of cuffs, depending on the customer’s individual needs. These range in size from small to extra-large. Obtaining properly sized cuffs is essential to obtaining accurate blood pressure measurements.

How many measurements can the ABP320 hold?

Our device will hold up to 300 separate measurements. For each inflation the systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressures are recorded along with the patient’s heart rate. Two AA batteries are used for 24-hour recordings.

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