A better way for cardiovascular patient monitoring.

Delivering complete and accurate cardiovascular monitoring technology, data management and services that aid in the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and surveillance of cardiovascular patients.

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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Monitor, manage and report on patient data, efficiently and securely. In addition, our friendly, experienced implementation professionals become part of your team, fully invested in the success of you and your patients.

Our cardiovascular solutions include virtual and hybrid rehab programs that enable patients to participate in their rehab through a mix of in-person and online sessions. This allows you to tailor care to a patient’s needs.

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Cardiovascular Diagnostics

From simple lightweight monitoring devices to a fully integrated suite to manage ambulatory and implanted device data, we help gather and manage comprehensive cardiovascular patient information.

With remote cardiac monitoring, physicians can offer better care thanks to a constant stream of real-time information about a patient’s condition. Our cardiovascular monitoring services enable patients to go about their days without worrying about tracking their blood pressure by themselves.

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Clinical Monitoring Service

Improve Patient Compliance with AECG and Remote CIED Monitoring Services with Ambucor, our 24/7/365 clinical monitoring service. As your clinical partner, we will help to provide more comprehensive patient care with increased efficiencies, while you regain control over the patient experience.

The remote cardiac monitoring technology we provide gives your staff a single platform for all devices across every major manufacturer, eliminating the need to visit multiple portals. With the help of our Ambucor remote cardiac monitoring services, you can have access to all the reports you need to make informed decisions from anywhere and at any time.

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Your Hybrid Rehab Solution Has Arrived

Expand Your Delivery of Patient Care. For more information, simply click the image below.

ScottCare Hybrid Cardiopulmonary Rehab



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No other cardiac rehab telemetry system adapts to differing work styles and reduces repetition so effectively.

VersaCare simplifies the process of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patient monitoring. VersaCare let’s you access, organize and report on your patients’ benchmarks and outcomes. We recognize that users and clinics operate in different ways. That’s why we have made VersaCare customizable, to accommodate your way of interacting with the system and result in more effective patient outcomes.

Spend more time with your patients with VersaCareGO or Surf, which delivers the features and functionality of VersaCare to a tablet.
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Ninety One

The Ninety One remote CIED patient monitoring software eliminates time consuming manual processes and paperwork through a cloud-based platform with advanced data science, and machine learning.
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Ambucor is the proven INSOURCED labor and technology service for 24/7/365 Ambulatory ECG and CIED Remote Monitoring that optimizes compliance while maximizing value. Ambucor operates under direct supervision of the physician with protocols that they establish, helping to provide more comprehensive patient care with improved outcomes and increased efficiencies. We combine our remote cardiovascular monitoring technology with the human element. For the patient, this means a better experience. For the physician, this means increased compliance, greater report confidence and fewer unnecessary notifications. Throughout the process, you retain complete ownership of services and billing.
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ScottCare’s products and services include expertise in implementation, training and customer service. You'll experience quick and effective installations, training that supports any learning curve, and a service team dedicated to resolving any questions or issues.

Our teams know that caring for patients is the most important work you do; everything we do is dedicated to supporting you in your drive for patient care excellence.

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Why Trust ScottCare?

For more than 30 years, ScottCare has been at the forefront of cardiopulmonary telemetry for rehabilitation. ScottCare is always looking for ways to improve its platform and provide the greatest value to physicians and the people they treat.

The company’s overall mission is to improve the quality of patient care and clinical outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare through integrated technology. The high-quality devices, software, data integration and clinical labor services provided to hospitals and cardiology practices around the world enable significant improvements in diagnosis, management and rehabilitation.

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What People Are Saying

Ambucor’s monitoring services really stand out- there is great accuracy, great organization and uniformity despite CIED manufacturer. The accurate detection and interpretation of ECG noise, Afib, false mode switching, etc. is consistent.

Genevieve L. Everett-Sigwalt, MD, FACC, FHRS
Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Conemaugh Physician Group-PA

We have used the VersaCare Monitoring System at our facility since 2012. We have received excellent support from the Account Manager assigned to us. Through on-site visits, ScottCare online support and phone support we have been able to work through the obstacles we have encountered. We appreciate the upgrades and improvements that have been made to the system. Our greatest accomplishment has been implementing the interface to upload daily reports to our electronic medical record. This allows providers real time access to a patient’s report and strips. Thank you for your support.

Julie A. Czeck, MBA
Supervisor, Cardiac Rehab & Prevention Services

For the time Brad was given, he exceeded my expectations for learning the system. Our staff was well prepared for the Go-Live and Brad even entered in all of our current patients into Scottcare--something I was not expecting!

Brittany DeVitt
Inpatient Cardiac Rehab Exercise Physiologist at Harrison Medical Center

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