The information below provides answers to FAQs on both Chroma2 and HolterCare software.


Chroma2™ Holter FAQs

How many leads does your Holter have?
ScottCare’s Chroma2 Holter monitor is available with 5 or 7 leads and will automatically record 3 unique channels of continuous ECG.

Can this device perform 24 and 48-hour Holter tests?
Yes! The Chroma2 can be programmed for durations of 1 hour up to 21 days depending on the customer’s needs.

Does the patient still need to record their symptoms in a diary?
Your preference! The Chroma2 includes an easy-to-use digital diary that allows patients to mark and notate their specific symptoms during recordings for more accurate diagnosis and correlation of patient symptoms to ECG.

Can we change the Holter programming settings?
Yes! The Chroma2 allows for changes to the settings, such as:

  • Recording configuration
  • Lead placement
  • Recording duration
  • Sample rate
  • Resolution

How big is your Holter?
The Chroma2 is lightweight (2.4 oz) and smaller than a deck of playing cards, improving patient compliance and comfort.

What happens if a lead falls off the Holter during recording?
The Chroma2 automatically provides both visual and audio notification of the “lead off” error and provides an anatomical diagram to aid the patient in re-attaching the lead.

Is the Holter waterproof?
No. While the device is not waterproof, it is water resistant and is protected via its neoprene pouch from any accidental water contact.

How many batteries does the Holter use?
The device will operate up to 72 hours on a single AAA battery.

Can the Holter use rechargeable batteries?
Yes! Rechargeable batteries can be used for 24-hour recording. However, ScottCare recommends the use of new alkaline batteries for longer duration testing.

Are you able to program the Holter without a computer?
Yes! Along with the easy-to-use Chroma Configurator, the Chroma2 can be programmed independently while in a patient room if you don’t have immediate access to a computer.

How does the Holter manage patients with a pacemaker?
The Chroma2 allows for the identification of patients with implantable pacemakers and defibrillators, providing the most accurate  analysis using the HolterCare software.

How do we confirm the quality of the ECG signal during the hook up process?
The Chroma2’s state-of-the-art OLED color screen displays each of the 3 ECG channels during the hook-up process to confirm lead placement and device function. This helps to ensure that the recorded signal quality will be adequate for technical analysis.


HolterCare Software FAQs

How many computers is the Holter software installed on?
HolterCare is available as a standalone or networked analysis system. It can be installed on individual workstations or on a standard server depending on the customer’s environment.

How long does it take to analyze a Holter recording?
HolterCare’s automated analysis takes just 60 seconds to download and analyze a 24-hour patient file. By utilizing ScottCare’s multiple editing modes, a completed report can take only 10 to 15 minutes. If your clinicians are not equipped to conduct this work, ScottCare can provide our monitoring labor services to assist.

We have multiple facilities. Do we have to buy multiple analysis systems?
No. The ScottCare EZLink™ package allows remote facilities to upload their Holter data files to a central location for processing. This reduces capital expenditure and allows processing to be controlled by a single facility.

What types of editing are allowed in your Holter system?
If you’ve used other Holter systems your learning curve will be short with HolterCare. HolterCare includes:

  • Template and morphology editing
  • Page mode editing
  • Split-screen superimposition

Can your system perform statistical and spectral heart rate variability?
Yes. HolterCare Advanced includes both statistical and spectral heart rate variability analysis and can export individual patient results.

What type of pacemaker analysis is included?
HolterCare Advanced includes the quantification of atrial, atrioventricular and ventricular paced rhythms along with the identification of failure to sense, failure to capture, and inhibition faults.

Can we email the completed Holter reports?
Yes. Each Holter report is created in a PDF format allowing you to choose a secure distribution method (i.e., encrypted email) in accordance with HIPAA regulations for patient data security.

Can we use our Holter recorders from other vendors with your HolterCare system?
ScottCare’s HolterCare system works exclusively with ScottCare's Chroma, Chroma2 and RZ153+ and novi patch Holter recorders.

What’s the Holter monitor-billing code recommended for use with your Holter system?
In the United States, global CPT code 93224 is recommended for a complete Holter analysis. Please check with your local Medicare provider or insurance carrier for any specific restrictions.

What regulatory approvals does HolterCare have?
HolterCare has FDA clearance and has a CE mark.


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