The ABP320 provides up to 300 readings over a 24-hour period while the patient engages in normal daily activities.

Detailed trends and graphs in ABPCare™ software provide in-depth analysis.

Why ABP320?

  • Gentle and fast blood pressure measurement
  • Easy application and increased patient comfort with adjustable cuffs
  • Supports restful, uninterrupted sleep with Night Mode setting
  • Prevents over-inflation at each measurement through ScottCare’s unique Auto-Feedback Logic technology
  • Includes ABPCare™ software that allows you to easily correlate and compare data, including day and evening blood pressure; periods of normal, acceptable and critical readings; and average blood pressure versus heart rate


The ScottCare ABPM is a highly accurate monitor that can be considered valid at both the group and individual level and thus appropriate for both clinical and research use
—Conclusion of researchers from the Department of Biobehavioral Health at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park/Mercer Bucks Cardiology Center, wishing to validate the ScottCare™ ABP320 ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM).  (Blood Pressure Monitoring, June 2013)

ScottCare's ABP320 comes with ABPCare for in-depth analysis.