Within a year of its founding in 1989, ScottCare launched its first telemetry system for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. ScottCare quickly became a market leader by continually improving its telemetry platform.

This innovation paved the way for new product development and service in these markets:

  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • Diagnostic cardiology
  • Electronic data integration
  • Cardiac monitoring services

Our mission is to facilitate improved patient care and clinical outcomes while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. We accomplish this by providing high-quality devices, software, data integration and clinical labor services that aid hospitals and cardiology practices in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease worldwide.

ScottCare has been in business for more than a quarter of a century; we are a division of Scott Fetzer, which is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of high-quality products for the home, family and industry comprising more than 20 businesses. You can count on ScottCare to be here today and well into the future to support your continually evolving needs.

Products and Services