Frequently Asked Questions about VersaCare

How do you integrate VersaCare with an electronic health record (EHR) system?

We have our own HL7 engine called EHRPipe that creates Windows Services to receive and transmit HL7 messages and/or files. Learn more here about our HL7 interface capabilities

Can I view and edit reports while monitoring?

Yes. You can display and edit reports on-screen while monitoring.

Is your product HIPAA compliant?

VersaCare incorporates nearly 20 features, standard in every system, as part of the 21 CFR Part II System Requirements that support your clinic’s HIPAA compliance. These features deal with audit trails, security, EHRs and signature specifications, all to ensure your compliance and all helping to improve workflow and ease of information access. To learn more, download our informational handout on VersaCare and HIPAA

Does VersaCare meet 21 CFR Part II?

Yes. Download our informational handout on VersaCare and HIPAA for all the details. 

HIPAA requires a unique password for each user, does your system meet this requirement?

Yes. Some of VersaCare’s standard features that support HIPAA compliance deal with user authentication and authorization, including requiring a unique password for each user. To learn more, download our informational handout on VersaCare and HIPAA.

Is there a fee to modify Individual Treatment Plans (ITPs)?

No. VersaCare allows you develop ITPs for each patient directly within the system, or choose from pre-built templates by ScottCare or AACVPR. You can also re-create existing ITPs.

How do you provide for data security?

ScottCare is highly invested in the security of your data. Some of VersaCare’s standard features, which also support HIPAA compliance, deal with security features that automatically lock down the operating system when necessary and even removes access to PHI and logs out. To get more details, download our informational handout on VersaCare and HIPAA.

How do I obtain the latest software update?

If you're a customer seeking the latest version of VersaCare, just fill out this quick form and we'll follow up with you to coordinate your upgrade delivery.


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