Experience simplified, streamlined management of all your CIED patient data and reports—because your ability to care for patients shouldn't be limited to a single brand.

OneView CRM automatically recognizes, decrypts, imports and sorts manufacturer programmer data.

Dealing with 10 devices or 10s of thousands? OneView CRM can help you easily manage the data. Only one bi-directional HL7 interface is required for communication with your EHR of CIED data, scheduling and reporting.

OneView CRM provides:
  • Dramatic workflow improvement whether your devices are by Abbott/St. Jude Medical, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, LivaNova or Medtronic.
  • The ability to easily care for, schedule and manage your patients
  • Access to all ICD, Pacer, ICM and ILR device specifications, settings, episode details and electrograms
  • All reports, including data from implant registration, programmer, remote and acoustic interrogation
  • One workflow that receives all device data in one place so you stop wasting time trying to manage multiple device websites
  • An intuitive, patient-centric interface that provides customizable query and reporting functionality: sort, trend, report
  • Web-based access that lets you manage your patients and their data from almost anywhere
  • Real-time, instant updates to lead and device libraries, as well as automated identification of patients impacted by device and lead recalls


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OneView CRM has the same workflow for all manufacturers.