The industry's most comprehensive single-platform, fully integrated product suite, CardioView Dx Suite includes all of these testing modalities:


NOW AVAILABLE: CardioView Dx Suite, Version 7.0. This version contains new features, including: 


CardioFile/OneView - Report Marked as an Alert: 

A session can now be marked as an Alert in OneView. When a session is marked as an alert, any reports associated with that session will be marked as an alert in CardioFile. When a patient has an unsigned alerted report in CardioFile it is marked as alert, pinned to the top of the list and highlighted yellow. 


OneView - Added Custom Fields Tab: 

Within the administrator window, users can create any custom field that is a TextField, TextArea, Dropdown, Checkbox, or DatePickers format. The fields will populate on the Custom Fields tab and will have an incremental HL7 tag and report binding for PDF. 


TeleSense - Redesigned Configurator and Quick Menu: 

The TeleSense software has been updated to have a more user friendly workflow. The TeleSense configuration tab now includes an Assign button that allows users to quickly select or create an EventCare patient to assign them to a device via online configurator. The Device tab now includes a right click pop up menu on listed devices where users can Jump to Patient (in EventCare), Configure Device, Stream Device (In EventCare) or Restart Device. 


Utilize these modalities independently or as part of a complete and integrated diagnostic and monitoring program customized by ScottCare.

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